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In the beginning, tapas consisted of a small portion of sausage, for the most part, and other delicacies to accompany the wine. Very soon, this custom, attested since the 18th century, became a kind of competition motive among the innkeepers of the time. They were eager to delight their customers with the newly created Tapa. At first free of charge and later also at a cost. 


However, nowadays – with the inexorable passage of time – “tapa” has the original meaning and, at the same time, it unfolds, expanding its initial concept. It is almost always the use that makes the word, and not the other way around. Therefore, and as life goes on in spite of the orthodox and/or purists, we understand “tapa” as the act of tasting and enjoying various delicacies in small quantities, each one prepared ex profeso.

“Going for tapas”.

Tapas and raciones combine and complement each other, depending on the selection, taste and number of diners.Spain’s tourist offer makes tapas one of its strongholds. If we take a virtual stroll through the minds of tourists from different origins, that is, if we search on Internet search engines, we can see the attraction of “Spanish tapas”, “tapas bar” and “tapas restaurant”. They are not wrong. To the variety and richness of our gastronomic offer is added the social and relaxing act of tapas: Tapas is almost always synonymous with sharing, socializing or getting together with friends, enemies, family or acquaintances without observing, following or even enduring the protocols of a table with a tablecloth. Tapas offer unlimited possibilities for creativity and imagination. Their influence in our cuisine and beyond our borders is enormous. We often find that many of the recipes of the most famous Spanish and international chefs have the format and proportions of a tapa. Without disdaining culinary techniques or ingredients. Often without borders between one gastronomic tradition and another. Without limits.


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